G-P, Del Mar expand dual credit program


Maria Garza


Gregory-Portland ISD and Del Mar College have expanded their dual credit program to provide more opportunities for high school students. Students in the district can now earn enough hours for an associate degree.

All dual credit courses are college level, either academically or technical, and can be taken by high school students. The students enrolled in the program will receive high school credit and college credit simultaneously.

Gregory-Portland High School has 174 students enrolled in dual credit classes. The students don’t have to leave the high school to earn certain college credits. Del Mar has committed staff to teach face to face at GPHS, and courses are also available online.

The dual credit program is for students who are junior or seniors and have met the assessment requirements for admission. They also have to be approved by the high school counselor and/or administrator to enroll in the college level classes.

The program offers not only dual credit to students, but also a significant savings in money compared with earning the same credit as a full-time college student. The “one-tuition” pricing provides a cost effective dual credit option for Coastal Bend high schools. The price per three-hour course is $99.99 and is the same for in- or out-of-district students.

Financial aid is available to all who qualify. Students must complete the FAFSA application and the Financial Aid Dual Credit Form by June 1 for fall 2015. Gregory-Portland High School counselors will assist students in financial aid applications, and will provide scholarship assistance to economically disadvantaged students who qualify.

Also, certification courses taken at Del Mar’s West Campus are funded through district/campus Career and Technical Education (CTE) funds.

The certification courses are available at West Campus. The high school will provide transportation to the students.

For more information on the certification program contact Debbie Kemp, Del Mar College Dual Enrollment Workforce Program coordinator, at dkemp@delmar.edu or 698-1789.

Students must complete the Del Mar application online through www.applytexas.org, along with the submission of official high school transcripts, qualifying test scores, Meningitis vaccine and a complete Del Mar dual credit form.

For more information on the Del Mar Dual Credit Program contact Patricia Dominguez, director of early college programs, at pbdominguez@delmar.edu, or visit www.delmar.edu/dualcredit.

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