Del Mar works to resolve student complaints

As a college student, you might hit a couple of bumps down the road. Whether it is with a professor, a staff member or maybe even a grade you think you do not deserve, you have somewhere to turn.

You can get help resolving your issue by making an appointment with Cheryl Garner, dean of Student Engagement and Retention, at 698-1277.

The Student Complaint Policy is based on the belief that such complaints are best resolved at the level closest to the issue that led to the complaint.

“What we try to do is resolve the issue with the student and the faculty member first,” Garner said. “Nine out of 10 times the issue is just miscommunication.”

The Student Compliant Policy provides the student with the resources that they would need to resolve the situation that may have occurred.

Garner will speak to students about options and procedures to follow.

The policy provides the student with the options of filing a report for A7.12.1.7 Non-Academic Complaint, A7.12.1.8 General Academic Non-Grade Compliant and A7.12.1.9 Grade Complaint.

The student will fill out proper paperwork and the procedure will begin to resolve the situation.

“Our goal here at Del Mar College is to help every student resolve the issues or complaints before having to fill a complaint form,” Garner said.

If you have any questions on the procedure or about the policy you may obtain the information at, the College Catalog or in the Student Handbook. You may also pick a copy of the policy and procedures from the office of the Dean of Student Engagement and Retention in the Harvin Center, Room 204.

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