Vocal Vikings speech team hosts tournament, wins awards

Del Mar College hosted the Texas Intercollegiate Forensics Association’s fall speech tournament on Nov. 7. A total of 15 colleges and universities, with about 150 to 200 students, competed in debate, public address and oral interpretations.

Three Del Mar College students placed in the tournament. Miguel Porfirio placed fifth in Programmed Oral Interpretation, sixth in Prose, 21st for individual top speaker in Individual Events, third top speaker from two-year schools, third in Prose on tiebreaker (Day 2), third in Programmed Oral Interpretation (Day 2), 14th for individual top speaker in Individual Events (Day 2) and fourth top speaker from two-year schools (Day 2).

singersContributed photo/Del Mar College

The Vocal Vikings perform at an event on campus.

Elizabeth Keys placed fourth novice in Programmed Oral Interpretation. John Caceres placed sixth in Programmed Oral Interpretation, 34th for individual top speaker in Individual Events and 10th top speaker from two-year schools.

Several Del Mar employees helped judge the tournament. The college will host its next speech tournament in February 2016.

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