Workforce Development Center to expand West Campus

Del Mar College’s West Campus is looking to get a new addition, the new Workforce Development Center, after the Board of Regents at its April 12 meeting approved a motion for the administration to continue with the project.

The building will be located next to the Flato Technology Building facing Airport Road.

1st floor

The transportation, advanced welding, corporate training and process technology programs will be featured in the Workforce Development Center.

“We will still have the other welding area,” said Mark Escamilla, DMC president. “This welding portion is for advanced welding.”

Turner, Ramirez & Associates Inc. created the schematic design. They plan for the space between the Flato and the Workforce Development Center to be used as a sculpture garden and lounge area for students between classes.

The design of the building features exposed concrete and metal. It also uses the same bricks as the rest of the West Campus.

“We wanted the building to feel industrial,” said Philip Ramirez, corporate president for Turner, Ramirez & Associates Inc.

The building will be a C-shaped design with two floors. It may extend into the current parking lot, but any spaces being taken will be replaced.

“This building will have a hefty presence on campus,” Ramirez said.

The lobby space within the main entrance of the building is designed to have a sculptural staircase to add to the industrial theme of the building. It will also have a platform to be used by students as a lounge area and a place for administrators to present awards.

The building, expected to cost $14.5 million, will be funded in large part through the $157 million bond approved by voters in 2014.

Along with being aesthetically pleasing, the architects need to take into account the durability for the building.

“Welding and grinding is hard on a building. There will be little to no windows,” Ramirez said. “We don’t want it to look bad, but it needs to be functional.”

Construction is scheduled to begin on March 28, 2017 and to be completed by Sept. 18, 2018. It is expected to be open to students by Jan. 2, 2019.

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