Spikes, serves and smiles at volleyball tournament

2 weeks of warmup matches help students prepare for 3-day tourney

Dominic Perez


Volleyball intramurals are in full effect at the Del Mar gymnasium. With over 40 students signed up and actively participating in this semester’s tournament, the enthusiasm and willingness to compete is noticeably high compared to last semester, said intramurals director Kristy Urbick.

CC Royals and Team G compete in the gym. Over 40 students signed up to participate in this semester’s intramural volleyball tournament. (Anais Esquievel/Foghorn)
CC Royals and Team G compete in the gym. Over 40 students signed up to
participate in this semester’s intramural volleyball tournament. (Anais Esquievel/Foghorn)

Six teams are competing against one another for two weeks of exhibition matches. On Sept. 27 a three-day tournament will begin, with the ultimate champions receiving free T-shirts.

A key aspect of the two-week warmup to the actual tournament was the friendly participation between students teaching one another how to play the game. Every match has been filled with each team’s share of blunders and mishaps but not a single player bashed the other.

The gymnasium was filled with the sounds of laughter, proving that fun was more important than winning for most players.

“It definitely builds their confidence when their fellow classmates are not hard on each other,” Urbick said of the lighthearted competition. “It can motivate them to try more new things and even outside the gym. We try to make sure that this is a safe environment to build friendships without fear of being ridiculed.”

Many students use the gym to simply stay active with friends and take advantage of all that Del Mar has to offer.

“This is our way to participate in sports outside of school,” said Collegiate junior Carolyn Rose. “It really helps our student body come together and make some friendships along the wa

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