Student Services in the palm of your hand

Students are offered a variety of services at Del Mar College. These services are there for them to use if they need help or need to borrow something like a laptop or calculator. Del Mar College has an abundance of student services for nearly all majors. However, not a lot of students take advantage of these services.

College includes not only the cost of the classes, but also basic fees like the parking permit, graduation, grounds improvements, campus security, instructional support like the math, reading and writing labs and the student services which covers intramural sports, student club activities, and other related student programs. There are also special fees included with specific classes or late registration.

Del Mar students pay for the maintenance and the use of the Math Lab, Stone Writing Center, Speech Lab and the Student Success Center in the St. Clair Building. Every semester, Del Mar College adds $7 to the registration payment for every student. These funds pay for the counseling services, the labs and also help fund the clubs and organization. So, if students pay for these amenities then how come they don’t use them more often?

Employees from the different labs on campus visit classrooms at the beginning of the semester and pass out fliers throughout the semester to encourage students to use their service. It’s the same with clubs; Rush Week and posting fliers around campus are ways to recruit students. Labs and clubs put the effort on getting themselves out there but often the students don’t want to try them.

The Corpus Christi RTA also helps students get to where they need to be. They allow students to ride for free with their Del Mar student ID because it’s already paid for at the beginning of each semester at registration. Technically, it isn’t free.

Instead of rushing home after class, students should spend the time on campus and try a club, use one of the labs, try intramural sports or use the career lab in the Harvin Center. If a club gives out shirts for students, take advantage of it because they used the money that students paid at registration. The Fall Carnival and the Spring Break Bash are also paid for by the students, so spend some time at the carnival, enjoy the DJ playing in the Harvin Center and take free snacks when they are available.

Del Mar College has myriad activities for students to try on both East and West campus. Talk to the department you’re interested in to find out your options. Students should take advantage of the opportunity to get involved or use the services that are offered on campus.

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