Early registration starting

Gabbi Williams


Del Mar College opens for early advising and on-campus and online registration Nov 6. You must be admitted into Del Mar College to register.

Early registration means getting the classes students want, and the teachers they prefer.

According to the Del Mar College website, preparing for registration is crucial.

Students should be aware of any prerequisites or co-requisites that may get in the way, plan ahead to pay, and active your DMC email.

“My email is hooked onto Del Mar so they send an email telling me there’s early registration,” said DMC freshman Julia Garcia.

Garcia said she has only participated in late registration but will register during early registration for a smoother process.

According to DMC sophomore Derek Dunton, it is crucial to make your schedule ahead of time to prevent classes from interfering, and get it out of the way before you wait till the last minute.

“I normally wait until finals so I know whether I pass or fail the class,” Dunton said.

According to DMC Enrollment Specialist Juli Propp, the biggest thing is that students see their academic adviser to get the classes they want and an advising hold removed.

“Without getting advised, and doing it on your own, you face problems such as registering for the wrong class, and extending your degree plan by having to take other classes,” Propp said.

Del Mar College will host a Registration Rally on Nov. 6 and 7 downstairs in the Harvin Center. Advisers will be sitting outside the Counseling Office for students to get seen as soon as possible for early advising.

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