The Del Mar College SGA attended the Texas Junior College Student Government Association convention April 5-8 in Austin, where students took part in competitions and discussion panels.

Julia Cruz, a sophomore at DMC, was one of the students who took part in the convention, and said the convention is “a way for students to get heard and make change happen.”

The theme for this year’s convention was “Breaking the Sound Barrier.” There were intensive discussions about DACA that brought forth differing views and opinions from students all over Texas.

DMC’s students submitted many DACA-themed articles and papers, and there was even a poetry category for submissions.

“Students are perplexed about DACA right now. It was a hot topic and we saw that there were a lot supporting it, and there were a lot against it too,” said Tina Butler, director of Student Ombuds & Engagement. She attended the convention and won second place for Adviser of the Year.

With over 50 colleges attending the convention, its purpose is to allow schools to get together and take part in current events, and to propose resolutions for any issues of concern.

Del Mar College has had proposals in the past that have actually gone through to be supported by the state itself.

“The common course number system was a proposal made by DMC so that students don’t lose their credit for a course when transferring, and the state backed it and agreed with it,” said Butler, who added that she would like to see more students be involved with the SGA.

“Students don’t know this, but they are already in SGA. The student service fee in their tuition pays for SGA, they just have to attend the meetings,” Butler said.

The SGA meetings take place every third Wednesday of the month and are an opportunity for students to air out any issues or changes they would like to see happen, and to organize events around the area.

For more info about SGA and other student organizations, contact Student Leadership and Campus Life at 361-698-1279.

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