Campus film series has new changes

Campus film series has new changes 

The Curricular Enrichment Film Series at the White library has moved from Fridays to 3 p.m. Wednesdays.

Merry Bortz, professor of learning resources at the White Library, said having the films on Fridays was a hardship on students who were not on campus.

The series, which focuses on using movies as an educational supplement, has been at Del Mar since 2000. Its main purpose is to give students a different perspective to study their subjects from.

Bortz said the films help bring “real-world context” to an issue or concept they are studying.

“The films bring out an aspect of the course in a different voice than that of the lecturing faculty,” Bortz said.

Other professors also support the film series.

“I think that films are absolutely a valid supplement to a college education,” said drama Professor Carl Yowell.

“I think that contemporary films resonate with students because we live in a visual society where we see video on the Internet, streaming television and on our devices, or films in a theater, so students are very used to getting information through film,” Yowell said.

Some Del Mar students agree with Yowell.

“I like to find little clips or quotes from movies and those inspire me,” said DMC student Liliana Ramirez. She thinks movies offer educational value because the producers and creatives who make the film have to “consider what has happened in past history so they can incorporate that into the movie.”

Ahmed Jama, another Del Mar student, said he pland to attend a screening this semester. He believes that movies can aid the learning process because it’s visual learning.

“You can watch a movie about the food industry or you can watch one about Muhammad Ali, and you’ll learn something either way,” Jama said.

This semester’s lineup has something for almost everyone; action, intrigue, humor, thrills, struggles against injustice and more.


Curricular Enrichment Film Series

White Library, Room 530

3 p.m. Wednesdays



Sept. 26 – “Haider”

Oct. 3 – “Chicago 10”

Oct. 10 – “Confirmation” (4 p.m. showing)

Oct. 17 – “Gentleman’s Agreement”

Oct. 24 – “Paths of Glory”

Oct. 31 – “Psycho”

Nov. 7 – “Gabriel Over the White House”

Nov. 14 – “Words and Pictures”

Nov. 28 – “12 Years a Slave”

Dec. 5 – “Where to Invade Next?” (4 p.m. showing)

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