Lots of little nooks to hit the books

Students often put off studying while on campus because going to a coffee shop later sounds like a good idea. Instead they end up cramming in homework or study time and do not give their assignment the justice it deserves. For some, staying on campus is a better choice.

The Student Success Center, in the St. Clair Building, Room 111D, offers free tutors for walk-in sessions, carreer counseling, mock interviews, as well as laptop and calculators available for check out.

“We do career counseling, and we have a lady who is basically a pscholigist, they call her the success coach but if you’re having trouble with your personal life that’s affecting your school life you can sit down with her and have personal sessions like therapy sessions for students,” said tutor Isaac Martinez.

The Stone Writing Center, on the fourth floor of the White Library, offers a Recharge Zone where students can eat, drink and study. It also has a recharge cabinet, where students can charge their electronic devices.

“We have free consultants. All of our consultants have a four-year or more degree. With our consulting services we can help you with anything you are writing for any assignment, as many times as you would like, either up here on the Fourth or online,” said Jeanne Ferraro.

The Math Learning Center, commonly known as “The Math Lab,” is located in the Coles Building, Room 117. Students can either choose to study with a tutor or independently.

“Say you don’t have Internet or have access to a computer at home, you guys are welcome to use our machines here,” said lab assistant instructor David Longnecker. Students who choose to study at the Math Learning Center can expect to find a welcoming staff of free tutors for all math classes and math related courses.

There are also study rooms available for independent or group study on the second floor of the White Library.

“I like the study rooms because you can isolate yourself and you’re not distracted by people walking by or by any loud noises and that you can have a study partner so that it’s not too quite,” said nursing student Olivia Ramirez.

Ramirez’s study buddy, nursing student Vanessa Avelos, agreed.

“I like that it’s quite, that we have our own space,” Avelos said

Patrick Luce

Patrick Luce is a photographer/reporter for the Del Mar College Foghorn. He has been on staff since Fall 2015 and is currently majoring in Journalism. You can reach Patrick via e-mail at pluce@foghornnews.com or follow him on Twitter @patrickmluce.

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