Students kill it at volleyball

Del Mar College crowned a new 4 on 4 volleyball champion this semester.

Team 4 Dudes, 1 Court, 1 Ball, defeated team Edge! 2-1 in the best-of-three final series Nov. 8 in the East Campus gym.

Game 1 was a closely contested match-up, with both teams alternating points and lead changes. Rainier Pasahol, of team 4 Dudes, stepped up in the clutch with a series of set-ups and even some powerful spikes to see his team to victory.

Game 2 started off close and tight with both teams alternating points again, and not allowing for a big deficit. Team Edge! eventually managed to build a bit of rhythm as they neared the 25 point mark, and ultimately held off 4 Dudes to secure a 25-21 victory.

Game 3, the deciding game, was played until 15 points. Following the trend of the first two games, both teams were keeping it competitive and not allowing for the opposition to build a sizeable lead. Michael Lopez and Josh Fernandez, of 4 Dudes, played an energetic and consistent game, chasing down difficult balls and keeping it alive for point opportunities.

“I don’t play consistently, but it is fun,” Fernandez said. “It’s challenging too, especially timing the ball off the serve.”

Fernandez and team 4 Dudes maintained focus till the end of the game and managed to pull off a narrow 15-13 victory in the final game, to win the championship.

“It’s very fun to hit the ball as you can, and when you have crazy plays when you kick the ball over the net, that’s fun too,” Fernandez said.

When asked what the most challenging part of the game, 4 Dudes’ Lopez jokingly said: “The biggest disadvantage for me is going up against girls, in this woman-dominated sport. I feel outnumbered and under-advantaged.”

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