Looking for jobs in all the right places

Students looking for a job, volunteer opportunities or seasonal work were treated to an array of employers on West and East campuses. 

“We have a really good turnout for this event,” career counselor Fernando Garza said of the job fairs, held April 10-11. “A lot of work goes into getting the companies here and set up. The West Campus usually has a large turnout as well because of the industry type jobs. There are a lot of refineries that are hiring. They also have the criminal justice programs.”

Among the dozens of companies present were local news stations, military recruiters, colleges and local businesses. 

“Texas State Aquarium has a lot of seasonal jobs for summer and they are great for students.  We are very flexible with students going to school,” Volunteer Program Manager Annie Vlach said. “We care a lot about our mission. A lot of our seasonal employees volunteer as well. They gain a lot of hands-on experience for their resume.”

Students needing help with their career path or resume can walking into the Career Development offices on either campus. They also provide a “Hire Me” handbook that explains resumes and letters of intent and gives examples.

“Students can also come into the Career Development office and work on their resumes. Then we are here to help them tweak it. We would like to also incorporate following up and asking if the students got the job,” Garza said.

Julie Zamora, outreach coordinator for the Nueces County and Corpus Christi Public Health District, saida lot of employers require immunizations before employment. Her booth provided information in getting records needed. 

“I am providing direction for how to retain their immunization record and services we provide.  Anyone without insurance are able to obtain immunizations for $10,” Zamora said.  

A few companies, including the Texas State Aquarium, offer internships as well as jobs.  Students were able to get information from the event on those opportunities.

“I was getting a coffee and I saw the job fair. I am looking for a job and the job fair is a great opportunity to meet employers in person,” said history major Alyssa Kaufmann.

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