Respect each other; respect couples

Couples face tons of issues together, whether it be mutual or not, and most of the time, work things out together. Sometimes, when it involves other people, it can be a difficult thing to work out in a relationship. In some cases, it’s not any of the couple’s fault, but the people around them who make their relationship difficult because of the lack of respect. 

Girls and guys tend to lack respect for couples in cases of flirting with one or the other of a couple, knowing they have a significant other. This makes things difficult as one or the other could be become jealous, and jealousy in a relationship is not fun. As an adult, it is our responsibility to have self-control when it comes to situations like this. 

Sure, the guy or the girl could be really attractive and some people might not be able to help themselves because of their attractiveness. It does not matter. We must have respect and be considerate of others’ feelings.

Couples overcome many problems as they grow together and this situation is one of the hardest as it could mess with having to trust each other. The pain and hardship that this causes is something that not a lot of couples get through together and is commonly one of the reasons why a relationship ends. 

For couples, learning to trust is important. When trust has been locked and settled, staying strong through a situation where someone does flirt with the other should not be as hard as it would if the development of trust were not there.  

For people that tend to flirt with anyone without a care in the world, self-control is a must. Having self-control is the most adult skill to have. Most people go on with their lives, not ever knowing the hurt that they have caused in a couple’s relationship and think that life is a party. They take no accountability for themselves and act irresponsibly. 

Think about the discomfort and distress that flirting with someone who is taken can cause. It’s not fair for the couple to be feeling uncomfortable because someone else does not have any boundaries or respect.

People always assume that in a relationship, one or the other could just be unfaithful and come to like when other people hit on them and they flirt back. In that case, clearly that person is not the one for you. But when it comes to a relationship where the couple knows that they are both faithful, love and care for each other a lot, most of the time, they share with each other incidents when someone did hit on them and talk about it. 

Those couples do exist out there. Couples who really don’t appreciate being hit on by people that know they are in a faithful relationship.

So before you start to hit on that guy who is with that one girl and they are clearly in love with each other, think about how it would make them feel and how it would make you look. 

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