Disney’s new sequel breaks box office

Disney has had a habit to show that every woman needs a man to save her from danger, but not anymore.

“Mulan” was one of the first Disney movies to reveal to the world that a woman doesn’t need a man to save her. Over the years Disney got the hang of it that their viewers needed more independent women to look up to.

Now that “Frozen 2” has come out, the movie itself shows the strength a woman has to find to get the truth while facing danger.

The movie starts with King Agnarr telling a young Elsa and Anna a story of a forest with elemental spirits and the Northuldra people who took advantage of those elements. Then one day the trust between the Arendelle and the Northuldra people was broken and the forest casted a shadow that allowed no one entrance or exit.

The film then catches up to three years after Queen Elsa had her coronation, where she is enjoying her life as Queen of Arendelle, until an angelic voice only she can hear startles her. As she tries to ignore it, the voice proves too much to bear so she decides to set out on a journey to find the source.

Joining Elsa on her adventure is her sister Anna, the friendly snowman Olaf, Anna’s boyfriend Kristoff and his trusted reindeer Sven. After splitting up, Elsa and Anna find their parents ship and the reason for their fateful voyage.

Full of guilt, Elsa goes her own way to find the truth about the trust broken between the Arendelle and Northuldra. After battling one of the elemental spirits, she is then guided to a glacier where she finds the truth. She then sends Anna the truth, who now knows what needs to be done even though it could cost her everything.

“Frozen 2” shows that when you start a journey and you are at your lowest point and feel defeated, to remember the importance of why you started the journey.

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