Finals — they’re finally here

Many study aids available despite pandemic

With finals here, it’s crunch time for most of us. The stress of taking finals can be lessened by creating a game plan to help you study everything your professor has taught you over the entire semester.


It is never too early to start putting together a game plan to help you study for all your classes. The first thing you should do is use the calendar on your phone or laptop to set up a study schedule and use alerts to help you stay on track. Block out chunks of time on your calendar to focus on each class, prioritizing the toughest classes. If your scores are low in science or math, find out why exactly you failed certain areas and dedicate more time to those sections. This is the time to ask questions so don’t be shy. Your grade depends on it.


Your professor may have given you chapter notes to study as he or she taught throughout the semester. If that’s the case, make a binder with all those notes clearly separating each class with tabs. As you review your notes, use a yellow highlighter to highlight material you think will definitely be on the final exam. Use a pink highlighter to highlight material you think will probably be on the test, and anything else that jumps out at you, highlight in blue. If your professor gives you a study guide for your final exam, make sure you clarify the test format and requirements for essay questions.


There are plenty of high-tech study aids out there such as Quizlet, EasyBib, CliffsNotes or Chegg Study. But if you prefer low-tech options, good ole paper flash cards will do. Use flashcards to help you memorize acronyms, definitions, dates or equations. If you need to be quizzed, ask a friend to help you study via Zoom or enlist help from a sibling. For the lone wolf who prefers to study alone, try mobile apps such as Flashcard Machine or Brainscape. There are many options so search online for a program that works for you.


There are plenty of online resources to help students at Del Mar. Below are some options from the Math Learning Center and the Stone Writing Center to help you get started.

Handouts: A new program coming soon called Ask a Writing Tutor invites students to call the Stone Writing Center (361-698-1364) and receive live help with quick questions and submitted writing from one of the writing consultants. There are also helpful handouts for writers at Handouts cover topics in grammar and punctuation, composition, literature, documentation and research, and résumé writing. 

TSI/TEAS/HESI Tutoring: The Stone Writing Center offers virtual, individualized test-taking strategies and study tips for the TSI, TEAS and HESI tests. Students can email the Stone Writing Center at to set an appointment. 

Online Tutoring: Stone Writing Center Online is accessed through Canvas, which is linked from Professional writing tutors read students’ work online and send individual comments to help students become stronger and more effective writers.  

Social Media: Twitter (@theSWC) and Facebook (@stonewritingcenter) – Follow them for the latest updates and writing tips. 

Math Tutoring: Students are helped on a first come, first served basis. The Math Learning Center offers one-on-one tutoring via Zoom during online hours. You can also email your tutor request to get your questions answered. For more information visit

Lecture Videos: Lecture videos provided by Pearson are also available to students here:

In addition, assistant math instructor Bethany Goralczyk says the Math Learning Center be participating in a Facebook Live event with the Student Success Center and the Stone Writing center to advertise their online services in preparation for Finals week on Dec. 2.

Everyone has different ways to study so make sure you share your own methods below. What study tips work best for you?

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