Spring 2022 graduates required to fill out forms

Spring graduation is quickly approaching, which means that every student eligible to graduate this spring must fill out a graduation packet. The completed packet is due on Feb. 23. Here are a few things students should know before filling out the packet:

Students must apply for graduation whether or not they plan to participate in commencement ceremonies.

Students must apply for graduation to have their respective degrees/certificates recognized on their transcript.

The graduation application and signed degree audit must be received together-in the same email.

The degree audit will need an original signature, not a stamped signature from the adviser.

If students have not completed the degree/certificate requirements, they should not submit the graduation application.

If students are applying for multiple degrees and/or certificates, they will need to submit a system-generated academic evaluation for every program of study for which they expect to receive a diploma.

If students are seeking a second degree, the degree must be significantly different from any previous degree:

All subsequent degrees must differ from the first degree by 20% of the required semester hour.

Questions regarding the 20% difference should be directed to the student’s adviser

Incomplete graduation packets, including applications received that are missing degree evaluations, signatures, etc., will not be processed

For more information, visit www.delmar.edu/graduation_information/.

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