100-mile event challenges Vikings

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Students and
faculty participate
in intramurals

By Carlos E. GonzalezReporter

All right Vikings, it’s a start to a new semester and Intramurals Director Ryan Murphy is challenging all students and faculty members to participate once again in the 100-mile challenge. This being only his fourth semester being the intramurals director, Murphy felt it was time to add a few interesting prizes to the challenge.

“Anyone can join throughout the semester, all the way to Dec. 3, all they have to do is come by the Kinesiology Building and pick up a log sheet and record their progress,” Murphy said. “The log sheets go up to two weeks.”

Students will be able to make a choice on what kind of cardio they would like to participate in and Murphy also stated, “We are involving group classes like Zumba, swimming and racquetball that are more cardio based this semester.”

Since the faculty is also getting involved, Murphy is having departments competing against one another.

“Whatever the student’s major is, that is the department they will be competing for,” Murphy said. With each sheet that is turned in, everyone’s miles will be calculated. Participants will be expected to be honest when they log in their miles and winners will be selected biweekly throughout the semester and will be rewarded with prizes. Murphy is working on expanding the choices of the prizes from gift cards, T-shirts, gym bags and possibly a free week at the local gyms. That should inspire everyone to kick it into high gear and start logging their miles. Whoever has the most miles recorded at the end of the semester will be given an ultimate prize that will be revealed later on in the semester.

Summer is over Vikings. It is time to lace up, get out and get on those miles whether it is running, walking, jogging, skipping or dancing, as long as you are moving put it on your log sheet.

If you have any questions just go by the Kinesiology Building or visit their Facebook page.

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