Recycle program takes off

Recycle bin

By Maria LaraReporter

Here at Del Mar College you can find a recycling bend around practically every corner. You can also find recycling containers in a few classrooms across campus.

Kelly White and Chris Tweddle, with Del Mar College Safety Risk Management, are in charge of the recycling here on campus.

Del Mar has more than 50 recycling bins between East and West campuses. There are also numerous recycling bins in every building and some professors have even taken the extra step by placing “homemade” recycling bends in their classrooms. By placing the bins in their classrooms they are encouraging students to be earth friendly and recycle.

Every day students drink out of aluminum cans and plastic bottles; the smart and easy thing to do is toss them the recycling bend.

Tweddle said Del Mar College’s recycling program but has made a tremendous impact.

“The recycling bins around campus have decreased trash pickups,” Tweddle said. “We used to have two a week, but since people are recycling more we have less trash. We are down to one pickup a week.”

Del Mar College recycles more than just paper and plastic.

“We do the less-glamorous recycling. We recycle everything from used cooking oil, hazardous waste to rechargeable batteries,” Tweddle said.

Tweddle is trying to get more people on board including the environmental club. Del Mar is a member of “Keep America Beautiful,” which is another great source to make our mission more on the large scale of recycling.

Students and faculty do need to be aware that the blue bins all around campus are used only for recycling. By throwing bottles with liquid or even food in these bins the entire load is contaminated and must be thrown away.

“Del Mar College spends a lot of time and money into preserving what we can,” White said.


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