Reducing test stress



Student Success
Center offers tips
to cut anxiety

By Victor Rhodes / Reporter

Del Mar College students suffering from test anxiety may receive help at the Student Success Center.

Eva De La Garza, coordinator of Student Success Center, holds a recurring workshop called “Test Anxiety and Relaxation Tips.”

Garza explained several methods during the workshop. One technique involves taking a deep breath. Another has a student relaxing his or her muscles to ease nervousness. Having a positive attitude is important too. These tips and several other strategies will help students overcome anxiety.

“Try to focus on you,” said Garza, adding that most students focus on people around them, which can result in nervousness about the test.

The use of flash cards is also helpful and effective, Garza said. She recommends studying material covered in an exam in chunks and turning headline sections from textbooks into questions. Going over class notes and studying sheets given by an instructor, as well as studying with classmates, is also helpful.

“You need to turn your negative to positive,” Garza said.

Garza also discussed how students might sometimes have negative feelings before entering a class. Outside problems could become a distraction, possibly hindering a student’s test performance.

Other strategies include eating a snack to reduce stress such as fruits, vegetables or other healthy food products. Students also should avoid hard questions and skip to the next one, read the directions carefully and ask the instructor questions before taking a test. Staying in control and not worrying too much about the exam is also advised.

The last workshop will be held at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. on April 29 in the St. Clair Building Student Success Center, Room 119.

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