Big slices, little prices at island pizza joint


Vivien Sanchez
and Sarah Fecht



Always looking for something new to eat in the Flour Bluff and Padre Island area, I recently came across Brooklyn Pie Co., at 15326 SPID Suite 106 in the island. It’s just what we needed on this side of town — a New York-style pizza place that is convenient, inexpensive and delivers! It features a casual setting and low prices

Vivien Sanchez/Foghorn
Slices that measure more than 100 square inches start at just $4.50.



This time of the semester leaves us all stressing to meet up with our study groups to finish that one big project that our instructor has been preparing us for all semester. When you are scrambling around trying to get everyone organized, I recommend ordering a pizza from Brooklyn Pie Co. Not having much time to sit down and eat at a restaurant, we decided to order to go. From the minute I ordered over the phone till I walked out, I was consistently surprised. The lady at the other end had a very nice tone and greeted me politely. When she told me it would only take 10 minutes I rushed to put my shoes on and headed out the door.

Parking was easy to find, but I am worried that during the summer when tons of families are rushing for pizza all at once that the parking lot will fill up fast.

The first thing that grabbed my attention as I reached for the door handle was a sign in the window that read “$1.50 beer. Pizza by the slice starting at $4.50.” The perfect combination! With prices like these I would sure be spreading the word, and bringing friends by for a drink.

I immediately noticed the Brooklyn feel of the interior. With black-and-white photos of celebrities and a huge picture of the Brooklyn Bridge I knew right away these people knew what they were doing. The woman at the counter greeted me and asked, “Picking up a to-go order?” She was on top of it, not wanting to waste any time.

She made sure to pack the pizza in front of me, probably so I could verify my order. I was staring at the size of the single slice pizza I ordered, as she had to overlap the tip just so it would fit in the box! They were not kidding when they said giant slices.

I ordered two slices with pepperoni for $4.50 each, and every bite was worth it. Not too much sauce, the perfect amount of cheese, and we both split the slices in half and were still about to feed two other people comfortably.

I know that when I meet with my study group next week, this is where we will be ordering our food by the box to ensure a satisfying meal.

Score: 4/5

Total: $4.86



If you’re light on time or cash, the Brooklyn Pie Co. can serve you up right.

With no time to dine in, my friend had ordered pizza for carryout for us. I found a great deal on the menu. They served a huge slice of pizza, measuring over 100 square inches, for only $4.50. From the sound of it, I was positive it would be enough, but nothing fully prepared me for what I would see when I opened the box.

This was the biggest slice of pizza I have ever seen! I definitely think one slice will be enough for most. And for the price, who could complain? If one of their gigantic slices won’t satisfy you though, no worries, they have even more to offer on their full menu; anything from assorted appetizers, build-your-own to specialty pizzas and gourmet toppings or wings, tenders, salads and dessert. They also deliver.

Being located on the island makes it nice as well. You can grab an affordable slice of pizza and have that relaxing island vibe. And hey, if afterward you actually have free time and aren’t bogged down by tons of homework, the beach is just down the street. Enjoy.

Score: 4/5

Total: $4.86

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