Volleyball tournament ends with a smash

vBALL1FinPhotos by Jonathan Garcia/Foghorn

Timothy Gonzalez eager to keep the ball from landing on the ground to score points for his team.

The intramural volleyball league ended Oct. 13 with the Benchwarmers beating the Digglets in the championship game. The volleyball league started on Sept. 25 and culminated with a tournament.


Eric Trevino reaches high to spike the volleyball while having fun in the process.


Oct. 21-22: 3v3 Basketball Tourney

Oct. 29: Halloween 5K

Nov. 3: Texas Hold ’Em

Nov. 9-24: Flag Football League

Nov. 21: Tennis Singles

Dec. 5: Racquetball Tourney

Ongoing: 100-Mile Challenge

View registration details and event times at www.delmar.edu/kine/ intramurals.html.

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