Students can apply for scholarships online Feb. 1

All Del Mar College students and prospective students are encouraged to apply for scholarships through the Del Mar College Foundation. Students can apply for scholarships as early as possible, even before admission.

Many students have quite a few questions about the DMC Foundation Scholarship process and application, including who should apply, how to qualify and how to submit an application.

Scholarship information, instructions and access to the on- line application will be available on the Del Mar College Scholarships website beginning Feb. 1.

There are more than 250 scholarships available, and while there is a minimum GPA to apply, all scholarships have criteria that were set up by the benefactor detailing what is required by a student to be awarded the scholarship. Most scholarships are available for both full and part-time students.



Even though each scholarship has different criteria, when applying, the student is applying for all scholarships with just one application. The single application allows the student to apply for all scholarships they are eligible for based on the particular GPA, major, etc., that fits their profile.

There are a few scholarships that require special applications, but they are posted on the main scholarship website when they become available.

Because of funding and time limitations, the application has a strict deadline. Potential, new and current students must apply for DMC Scholarships by April 30 of each year. Students will begin getting notified in mid-July through the end of August.

The Del Mar College Foundation also offers an “Emergency Scholarship” for students who experience an unexpected and unforeseen circumstance that jeopardizes their ability to pay for their education. Emergency funds are limited and availability varies from semester to semester.

To fill out the Del Mar College Foundation scholarship application or learn more about the “Emergency Scholarship,” visit or call 361-698-1317.

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