How strong a voice should students have when considering a concealed carry policy on campus?

Students gave their input about how they feel if they should have more of a voice when considering the concealed and carry policy on Del Mar campus.

Christian_Puente“I think the students should have a very strong voice on that. The main student body is the majority of people on the campus.”

— Christian Puente,

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Giselle_Garcia“I think they should have a strong voice because we are all together or it should at least be a unanimous decision.”

— Giselle Garcia,

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“I believe that they should at least have a town hall meeting and maybe even have a vote on it.”

— Rebecca Atkinson,



“Definitely, definitely. Yeah they should ask everyone as a whole because I feel as if people need to have a say in that.”

— Michael Quinones,

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“I think it’s more what the staff and board have to say about it. I think there definitely should be a poll for students to have. Because we want to know how comfortable students feel because that’s a big thing to have an open concealed weapon on campus.”

— William Villarreal,


Meagan Falcon

The reporters and the editors of The Foghorn News are students at Del Mar College in Corpus Christi, Texas. The Foghorn staff has a passion for writing and informing the public on the important issues happening locally and nationally, but most importantly what is happening on and off the Del Mar College campus.

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