Scholarship donors, recipients attend banquet

Scholarship recipients got a chance to meet donors at the annual Scholarship Reception.

The Del Mar College Foundation held the event Nov. 13 at the Emergency Training Building on the West Campus.

Donors and recipients were treated with food from Eddie’s Restaurant and a candy bar including gummy bears and jellybeans.

Mary McQueen, executive director of development, said the evening was to celebrate how doing good, feels good.

“We’re celebrating the donors that have given and invested so that students can finish their education to move forward in their career,” McQueen said. “We’re also celebrating the students for investing their time, energy and intellectual equity into their future.”

Khoa Hoang, a nursing major, said as an international student, he feels like his achievements are being noticed since he received a scholarship.

“I feel empowered and motivated to try my best and achieve better grades to maintain my scholarship,” Hoang said. “Obviously having extra money helps with my tuition as well. I can actually spend more time studying and not working too much.”

One of the scholarship donors, Gene Seaman, established his award in 2005 with his wife, Ellen, that has supported more than 55 students. The latest recipient is Matthew Pritchard, a process technology student who came to Del Mar to eventually get a stable job.

“I’m working two jobs while going to school full-time,” Pritchard said. “My wife and children don’t see me much. For someone like me who did not graduate high school, I’ve struggled for years to provide adequately for my family. This scholarship helps me continue my education and show my children that anything is possible.”

Seaman also surprised the audience when he announced he was adding an additional $100,000 to double the number of GED students they can help each year.

“We want this help to continue in perpetuity,” Seaman said. “Because only the earnings are used to provide scholarships, this will be a lasting legacy honoring all those who provided a helping hand to me.”

The Del Mar College Foundation processed 1,742 scholarship awards this school year, while awarding $1.7 million to students.

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