Treasures on the 5th floor

5th floor Gallery

by Amber Quaid / Reporter

Chris Tetzlaff-Belhasen, Director of Libraries, said the fifth floor of the William F. White Library holds a “hidden little treasure”. This treasure room contains 42 sculptures that have been collected for over thirty years from the Del Mar National Art Shows.

Last year’s gallery expansion added an additional room to help display the growing sculpture collection. The artwork is set up in an art gallery style with certain pieces plexiglassed to protect the fragile artwork. Pieces such as “Missing Point” are one of these few because even though it appears metal, it is actually lightweight paper. There are also pieces of artwork displayed outside the gallery in the hallways of the fifth floor. These pieces of artwork are all creations of the Del Mar College faculty.

“The gallery is used for the community and the college,” Tetzlaff-Belhasen said, “Art students receive assignments to study the pieces.”
Tetlaff-Belhasen considers it a great small pieces collection, “If you don’t like one piece you can turn around and find one you do.”

“I think it’s inspirational. I love the artwork in there as it is not overly-traditional or overdone,” said Del Mar College student L’raine Ribblett.

The collection is comprised of pieces from all over the country. Belhasen’s favorite pieces include: “Timidity,” “Mom Ran the Household,” and “Two Worlds Collide.”
“The gallery pieces are bought with the resources budget, as these are learning resources available for the students,” said Belhasen.

The art gallery also carries with it a certain air, which is often filled with rock music versus classical music vibe. Belhasen carries the classical side, her love of the “in your face” art, and an office filled with colorful artwork. Bruce Markley, Library Office Administrative Assistant, carries the rock vibe, is in charge of keeping the gallery in shape and has a monochromatic, clean office. The different aspects invite all to come and see the gallery.
“The gallery is pretty cool even though I only saw it through the window,” art major Remelyn Aguinaldo said.

To preview some of the sculptures go online to:

[imagebrowser id=2]


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