‘Convergence’ series stars iconic hero in issue zero


Victor Rhodes


Superman learns about an upcoming event in DC Comics’ “Convergence” issue No. 0.

“Convergence” begins where readers last saw Superman and Brainiac enter a dimensional rift in “Superman: Doomed.” We see broken shards of multiple Supermen and other heroes from different earths or timelines.

The issue opens with Superman looking for Brainiac as he ventures farther in the strange domain. He later finds him, questioning his motives on why he there and finding a way back home.

Readers soon learn his true intention: to test Kal-El and save Metropolis from different realities.

The basic premise of issue zero is to explain everything before Convergence main books. It perfectly sets up everything, even without reading previous storylines from decades ago.

Dan Jurgens wrote this book along with co-writer Jeff King. Art was done by Ethan Van Sciever.

The new DC Comics' "Convergence" issue No.0 shows an upcoming event for Superman.
The new DC Comics’ “Convergence” issue No.0 shows an upcoming event for Superman.

Superman fans might remember seeing Jurgens’ work on “Superman: The Death of Superman” and “Superman vs Aliens” crossover.

His return is a hit or miss for me. The dialogue was too janky as Brainiac did all the talking while Superman only asked questions throughout the book.

King, on another hand, is new to comic book writing so he is personally excused from the poor dialogue.

Van Sciever art is terrific in this issue. He re-created the famous death scene panel from “Death of Superman” and added more detail without leaving out information. His interior designs were also great.

Another neat idea DC Comics did for its “Convergence” prequel was listing all 41 cities captured by Brainiac. The list includes art and information on when these multiverse worlds first appeared.

“Convergence” brings together many beloved DC Comics stories into one big event: “Flashpoint,” “Zero Hour,” “One-Million,” “Injustice,” “Batman Beyond/Batman: The Animated Series,” and so forth.

Be sure to check out “Convergence” issue No. 0 and other “Convergence” tie-in titles.

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