Jonathan Garcia

When I arrived at Andy’s Kitchen on the southside, the place looked a bit small. I wondered how this little building could seat many people. When I stepped inside, I saw it wasn’t as small as I made it out to be. It had a nice old country-style feel. I went for breakfast and was immediately seated by a nice waitress.

I ordered some coffee while I browsed what they had to eat, of which there was no shortage. They serve breakfast all day and they have your regular country breakfast as well as Mexican entrees.

I received my coffee and to my surprise was served two complementary blueberry muffins with it. I placed my order and had the Andy’s Country Breakfast consisting of two eggs, which I ordered scrambled, two strips of bacon, three-dollar pancakes, hash browns and two sausage patties with biscuits and gravy.

As I waited for my meal, I decided to try the blueberry muffins. I had never been to a restaurant where muffins were served like chips and salsa at a Mexican restaurant. Luckily, the muffin was absolutely delicious as it was warm and it had just the right amount of sweetness to go with my coffee.

My meal arrived about 10-15 minutes, which pleased me. This plate definitely satisfied me for breakfast as it was served fresh and homemade. The pancakes were fluffy, eggs were cooked good, and everything on the plate including the biscuits and gravy was served to perfection.

The meal rang up to about $12.88, which isn’t bad considering I had a cup of coffee with it. As I looked around, I saw someone eating a chicken fried steak, which looked delicious and gave me an idea what to order on my next guaranteed visit. Andy’s Kitchen, at 5802 S. Staples St., is the place to go if you’re aching for a good old-fashioned country meal. They are open 6:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 7 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Sunday every week.

Price: $12.88

Overall: 5/5

Jonathan Garcia

Jonathan Garcia is the Entertainment editor for the Del Mar College Foghorn. He has been with the Foghorn since 2012 as one of the paper’s entertainment writers. He is currently a journalism major but after receiving his degree, Jonathan hopes to become a critic for movies and video games due to his incredible passion for both. You can reach Jonathan at or follow him on Twitter @jonathan10894.

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