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Women’s History Month exhibit now on display

Catarina Murphy @Cat_MMurphy When Barbara Craig introduces students to lesser-known authors and poets in her women’s literature class, she does it for one main reason. “To open people’s eyes,” Craig said. Some of those students are celebrating Women’s History Month with an exhibit called “Trailblazing Women” Each student in the class had to choose …

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King Arthur and Camelot get a new twist in “Mists of Avalon”

Catarina Murphy @Cat_MMurphy The tale of King Arthur and Camelot has been told in books in many different versions, mainly through the eyes of King Arthur himself, and sometimes by the magical Merlin. But the story takes on a new and unique perspective in “The Mists of Avalon,” which tells the Arthurian legends through …

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Get hooked into the world of the “Dragon Age” saga: Review

Catarina Murphy @Cat_MMurphy “Roll 20 and you can open the locked chest.” Those are familiar words for anyone who has ever played Dungeons and Dragons, or any magical role playing game on console or with cards. These kinds of games are time consuming, equally in preparation and in actual gameplay. So, if you’re ready …